What is BaseCamp?

BaseCamp is a cross between a reasonably-priced training plan and an expensive personal coach, with the added benefit of a social training community to support you throughout the 16-week base training program and beyond.


Watch this brief explanation of how BaseCamp works to get a concise overview of the program.


how does basecamp work?

BaseCamp offers cyclists and triathletes a complete winter training package: a customized training plan, training education, virtual group rides, nutrition and strength training guidance, and access to industry-leading coaches and athletes. It’s a community of like-minded athletes, all training together in the safety of their own homes. Click here to read more about how the program works.


RPI Transition to BaseCamp

Tim Cusick and BaseCamp have the privilege of being part part of Rebecca's Private Idaho. The event is an incredible experience of community and personal achievement, and we're excited to welcome to BaseCamp many who participated in the RPI Challenge. You can view the 2020 transition video below.