challenge 3: 20k Time Trial


Fastest female: Stacy Westbrook

Fastest males: Hans Baggesen and Doug Rusho


Randomly chosen winners:

Lisa Dattilo

Brenda Cole

Tim Seline

Jan Workinger

Thanks to everyone for participating! It was truly a challenge, and you should be proud of yourself. We're proud of you too!

WHEN:  February 12-14


WHERE:  Innsbruckring on Zwift

WHO:  You! Join a scheduled meetup ride, take on the challenge solo, organize your own meetup, or race the BaseCamp coaching team. Everyone in BaseCamp is invited to join the challenge!


HOW:  First join our Strava club if you haven't already. To complete the challenge, sign up for a scheduled meetup ride on February 13 (don't forget to follow the ride leader on Zwift) or complete the workout on your own (or with friends) any time from February 12-14. 


WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE?  The challenge for cycle 3 is a hard threshold-test-like effort in a race setting to provide some external motivation. Compete against your previous personal 20k best or set a first-time personal record. We'll post times on the leaderboard, but the focus is crushing a 25- to 40-minute sweet spot/FTP workout. And of course to have fun! And yes…there will be prizes.

PRIZES:  Anyone who completes the time trial in 45 minutes or less will be entered to win one of our sponsor prize packages.

GOAL:  We've added sweet spot work to our training, and there are two goals for this challenge: (1) practice your pacing for a long, hard, FTP-like effort and (2) crush a 25- to 35ish-minute effort that duals as a threshold test.

BASECAMP STRAVA BOARD:  Keep track of the BaseCamp crew, your own progress, and your personal bests using the Strava board. Remember to give kudos! 

Tips for the Time Trial Challenge


  • Read Coach Amber’s tips for this challenge.

  • Read how the TT challenge works as meetup rides.

  • No drafting today.

  • Staying cool is very important. Use your fans!

  • Plan your nutrition and hydration ahead of time. 

  • If pacing is something you struggle with, consider finding a pacing partner/teacher to help you develop a good pacing strategy.

  • Make a fun playlist of tunes for background rhythm.

  • Be sure to ask any questions that come to mind so we can help you figure out how to execute your best time trial or FTP effort.

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