challenge 4: Team Time Trial

WHEN:  March 12-14


WHERE:  Harrogate Circuit

WHO:  You! Make or join a team of 4-8 riders to participate in this challenge. Everyone in BaseCamp is welcome to join the challenge!

HOW:  First join the challenge in our Strava club. To complete the challenge, make or join a team (we'll help), name your team, organize your meet-up on the Harrogate course, talk about your team strategy, and then get after it! Race two laps together (see the tips section below) any time from March 12-14. You can RSVP to the challenge on our event page here.


WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE?  The challenge for cycle 4 is a hard, mixed FTP race effort in a team time-trial format. You'll be competing against other teams in BaseCamp for fun and bragging rights, so ride hard and challenge yourself to dig deep. Can you figure out how to be strong as a unit and still have fun?! And of course there will be prizes.

PRIZES:  Anyone who completes the challenge will be entered to win one of our sponsor prize packages.

GOAL:  Get in a mixed race-type effort and learn the dynamics of team time trialling, which also duals as working a break or rolling with a small group in a fondo. It’s not about being the strongest! 

BASECAMP STRAVA BOARD:  Keep track of the BaseCamp crew, your own progress, and your personal bests using the Strava board. Remember to give kudos! 

Tips for the Time Trial Challenge


  • Watch the blog and the Facebook group for team time trial strategies and the biggest mistakes often made.

  • Remember the sum of the whole is greater than any individual. It isn't about how strong you are, but how strong you can make your fourth (or eighth) teammate. 

  • Pacing is important. The feel you have been practicing will be tested.

  • Pacing will change as the terrain changes. Your strongest uphill rider may not be your strongest downhill rider.

  • Drafting is key, so stay tight together! Think about this when you plan your order and pacing strategies.

  • Don't forget to choose a team jersey and get a screen capture to share with the group! Let's see how closely you resemble the 2012 TTT world champions in the picture above. :)

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