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challenge 1: Metric Century

WHEN:  December 18-20


WHERE:  Inside or outside. Either choose your favorite Zwift land or a favorite outdoor 100km (62.13 mile) route.

WHO:  You! Join the scheduled group ride, take on the challenge solo, organize a BaseCamp meetup, or ride with your local buddies. Everyone in BaseCamp is welcome to join the challenge!

HOW:  First join the challenge in our Strava club. To complete the century itself, participate in the scheduled group ride on December 19 or complete the workout on your own (or with friends) any time from December 18 through December 20. You can RSVP for the challenge on our event page here.


WHAT IS A CHALLENGE?  It’s just like it sounds! It is a challenge. Some people will try to be fast, but most will be aiming for a focused and strong 100km ride. Compete against your previous best time on a course, your personal long-distance record, or your buddies. The goal is to CHALLENGE yourself while making it a fun and effective training day… with prizes!

PRIZES:  Anyone who completes the indoor 100km (metric century) in 3:00 or less or the outdoor metric in 3:45 or less will be entered to win one of our sponsor prize packages.

GOAL:  We're early in the season, so the goal is to get in long, strong, and steady rides. The metric century is the perfect challenge to add some motivation and fun to our workout! It will also teach us the importance of speed economy; whether you're inside or outside, the better you get at using the draft and being “aero,” the faster you'll go.

BASECAMP STRAVA BOARD:  Keep track of the BaseCamp crew, your own progress, and your personal bests using the Strava board. Remember to give kudos! 

Tips for the Metric Century Challenge


  • If you're riding on Zwift, remember drafting is real. Finding a group or a few other riders to ride with will help you go faster.

  • Remember to use a fan if you're inside and hydrate well. Cooling is very important for your long day.

  • You sweat more indoors, so be diligent about staying hydrated. This will help you finish strong. 

  • Follow Namrita’s fueling tips. (Watch for a blog or Facebook post.)

  • Riding outside? Choose or make a good route. Think about stop lights (if you're in a busy area), wind, road surface, and when the climbs happen in the ride. Watch for tips on the blog or in the Facebook group for designing a fast metric route.

  • Fueling and hydrating are crucial, both indoors and out. Drink early and often, even if it's cold. Don’t overthink the fueling; do what works for you. Just don’t get behind.

  • Use the bike you’ve been riding most.  Ride what you're most comfortable on for this time of the year.  

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