Executing Your Training


Link Your TrainingPeaks Account

Link your TrainingPeaks account to BaseCamp. If your account is already linked to a coach, you can share your account with BaseCamp at info@joinbasecamp.com instead; click here for instructions on sharing your account.

How to Read a Workout

Your workouts are loaded directly to your TrainingPeaks account and remain there in your training history. Depending on your TrainingPeaks subscription level, you can dig deep and analyze your training data right in TrainingPeaks. Check out this article to find out how, or watch the video to the right.

How to Set Your Thresholds In TrainingPeaks

Log in to your TrainingPeaks account and open Settings, then click Zones in the left menu. Scroll down to the Default Power section (or Default Heart Rate if you don't train with power) and enter your threshold in the Threshold Value box; for power, this is typically 95% of your 20-minute power from your last test, and for heart rate, this is typically your average heart rate from the last 15 minutes of the test.

In the first dropdown under "Auto Calculation", make sure Threshold Power is selected (or Lactate Threshold if you're not training with power). In the second dropdown, select "Andy Coggan (6)" as the method. 

Click the "Calculate" button to populate your new zones.

Watch the video to the right to see this process demonstrated.

How to set your FTP in Zwift

It's important to set your FTP correctly in Zwift, because it dictates the target intensity of both your ERG and free-ride workouts. Watch the video to the right to find out how to set your FTP in Zwift, or read a great article summarizing the ways you can edit FTP in Zwift.

How to find your TrainingPeaks Workout in Zwift

Once you link your TrainingPeaks and Zwift accounts, your workouts of the day will be automatically loaded for you.  This makes executing your training plan even easier.  Read this short help article or watch the short video

Executing Your Workout in Zwift

Zwift workouts are a different and energizing way to explore the game’s virtual roads. They add structure to your rides, and are great tools for boosting your cycling fitness. You can choose from dozens of Zwift workouts, and always find something that matches your ability, available workout time, and training goals.

How to Use Erg Mode in Zwift

In ERG mode your trainer’s only job is to make you hold a particular wattage, literally forcing you to work at a particular level. Watch the video to the right to learn how to turn ERG on and off in a workout, and check out the links below for more information:


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