Getting Started Guides

Need additional help? Ask a question in the Facebook group.

Fill Out Our Fitness Survey


Tell us about your goals, training, and schedule by completing our rider questionnaire. This will give us the information we need to prepare your training plan. Click here to take the survey.

Join the Facebook Group


Our Facebook group is the hub of our community. Click here to visit the group and click "Request to Join" to become a member.

Don't forget to introduce yourself in the group! Upload a few pictures, share your training goals, give a shout out to your support team. 

Set Up Your TrainingPeaks Account


If you don't already have a TrainingPeaks account, click here to sign up for a free account. You'll automatically receive a two-week trial of TrainingPeaks premium, but premium is not required for BaseCamp; the free basic account is all you'll need. If prompted to upload workouts or connect a device, simply click "Do this later" to move on to your calendar.

Link your TrainingPeaks account to BaseCamp. If your account is already linked to a coach, you can share your account with BaseCamp at instead; click here for instructions on sharing your account.

Link Your Zwift Account


Once you link your Zwift account to your TrainingPeaks account, your workouts will load automatically to your Zwift account. Click here to read a quick how-to guide for TrainingPeaks and Zwift.

Set Up Your BaseCamp Profile


Click your profile picture at the top right of the screen and then click Profile; this is where you can add your profile picture, a header picture, and any other information, pictures, and/or videos you want to share with other BaseCamp members. Once you're done editing, click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page to save.

Also, make sure your profile is visible to other members. On your profile page, click the three dots under your picture and, if it is visible, click "Make profile public."

Set Up Your Pain Cave


Commonly referred to as a “pain cave,” your indoor bike setup can either entice you to train or deter you from it when the weather isn’t ideal or you’re limited on time. If you find ways to make your setup more appealing, it may change your perspective on training indoors. Check out this great article from on pain cave set-up for any budget.

Join the Strava club


Join our Strava club to track your goals and participate in our monthly challenges! Click here to join the Strava Club.

Your First Workout on a Head Unit


Not training indoors? You can link your TrainingPeaks account to Garmin Connect or other devices and execute your workout from your head unit. Click here to learn how!

Your First Zwift Workout


Once you've connected your Zwift and TrainingPeaks accounts, your BaseCamp workouts will automatically show up in Zwift each day. To access the day's workout in Zwift, log in to your Zwift account, select Workouts, click the arrow by "TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts" and click the day's workout. Check out Zwift's help article for more.

Check out this great article on taking your Zwifting to the next level from our partners at Liv!


Register for Events

Check out all our upcoming events, like the launch party, webinars, and more. Click here to view and sign up for all our events.


Access Strength Workouts

If you're a BaseCamp Pro member, your strength workouts will be available three ways: in your TrainingPeaks account, in our printable ebook, and through the TrainHeroic app. You can find the ebook and full instructions for TrainHeroic in our strength training guide.