BASECamp Locker Room

Welcome to the locker room!

The BaseCamp locker room is your exclusive, members-only spot to find out what’s happening in BaseCamp, your private winter cycling training area. Visit our private Facebook group, sign up for Meetup rides, join upcoming live events, plan for our weekend challenges, or browse through your fellow BaseCamp members. Community is the backbone of our program, and the Locker Room is the place to find it.


Training needs to be fun! We host training challenges to supercharge our motivation AND to win amazing prizes from our sponsors. The challenges are built right into your training plan!



We offer many different ways to stay engaged throughout BaseCamp, from training and nutrition webinars to virtual happy hour gatherings to motivational sessions with experts in the fields that serve our training.


Group Workouts

Let's ride together! Our group workouts on Zwift are built into your training plan and led/coached by your BaseCamp leaders. Workouts are offered at two different times each day to accommodate different time zones.



Submit your BaseCamp photos for a chance to win even more prizes! Sponsored by your butt's BFF Chamois Butt'r, we offer fun packages for the best, funniest, or otherwise entertaining photos from your BaseCamp experience.


Meetup Rides

In addition to the group workouts, you create a Meetup on Zwift to do any of our workouts together with other BaseCampers. It's a super fun way to train with your teammates! Our coaches often lead and host Meetup rides, as well.


Sponsor Discounts

We have the best sponsors, and they are a huge part of our program. On top of making BaseCamp possible, they also offer all BaseCamp members additional discounts on their products. 


Proudly Supporting

BE GOOD-8.png

A father’s message, a daughter’s mission, and a call to action for all who desire to live with purpose, explore with passion, and create lasting change. The Be Good Foundation enriches communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution.


The Dare To Be Project is a charitable organization founded by U.S. Olympic cyclist Amber Neben. Dare To Be uses the sport of cycling to inspire and equip physically-challenged youth to see beyond their limitations, embrace what they can do, and dare to be who they dream to be.