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Nutrition Boot Camp

An 8-week coached nutrition program for cyclists and triathletes

Nutrition Boot Camp

BaseCamp's Nutrition Boot Camp is an 8-week mini camp with nutritionist Namrita Brooke, PhD, that includes nutrition coaching, healthy meal planning, and ongoing support and accountability. Whether you’d like to shed some extra body fat and/or dial in your fueling to maximize your training and recovery, your nutrition coach will be there to help every step of the way.


Boot Camp is included in the BaseCamp Pro membership, but it is also open to non-members. We hope you'll join us for a fun and supportive way to start the year off right!


Nutrition Boot Camp begins Monday, January 4, and continues through Sunday, March 7.

Why is Boot Camp important?
  • You'll learn how to optimize your body composition without sacrificing carbs, fat, energy, physical performance, lean body mass, or metabolism.

  • There are no random food rules, just science-based strategy.

  • You won't be locked into food tracking or meal plans; you'll learn to fulfill your energy needs by making better choices in food combinations and portion sizes.

  • All dietary preferences are accommodated, including vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, pescatarian, etc.

  • Boot Camp works with any age, gender, and activity level: sedentary, returning from injury, recreationally active, athletic, and more.

It's not a diet.

Boot Camp is not about dieting or restriction. It’s about learning how to use nutrition to fuel your body so you can maintain and improve health and performance. If your goal is to lose body fat, this approach will empower you to make informed choices to reach your goal. Instead of feeling starved, feel energized. Instead of feeling weak, get stronger. Instead of a “diet,” think “lifestyle.”


Boot Camp is based on science-based strategies to reach optimal energy and nutrient intake customized to your personal goals. Namrita has refined the meal plan over the last few years with almost fifteen different groups. You’ll learn about appropriate food combinations and portion sizes. You’ll learn about how to fuel workouts and recovery. You’ll learn how to make adjustments for fat loss and/or muscle mass gains. At the end of Boot Camp, you will have the awareness and tools you need to make mindful and informed nutrition choices every day.

Boot Camp Pricing

The cost for the Nutrition Boot Camp for non-BaseCamp Pro members is $195. Remember, if you're a BaseCamp Pro member, you're already a part of Boot Camp!

Testimonials from previous participants

"I'm not sure how many calories I was eating before starting this challenge, but I do remember the second week of the program when I upped my training volume, I was very full while staying in a calorie deficit. I stuck with it, lost weight, AND my fitness went up! I was hitting watts today on my intervals that I haven't seen in 5 years and I weigh 6 pounds less. So glad I signed up for this challenge. Thank you for all of your help!!"

"I appreciate you and the challenge. It was a great experience for me that has created changes I will implement for a lifetime."


"Down 3.6 lbs in the first 2 weeks. My body fat % is finally starting to come down also. I feel like I'm already established some great habits! Woohoo!"


I arrived at my goal of 10 lbs loss and I'm also at 8% body fat. All while stepping up my cycling training...SUCCESS!"

"I lost 8 lbs during the challenge and improved lean weight considerably. My husband joined me and also lost 8 lbs so we're both at our pre-marriage weights! The biggest differences in our lifestyle changes are: smaller portions, more scrutiny and selection when dining out, higher quality nutrition, and modulating caloric intake for recovery days. We did not compromise flavor, seasoning, or food preferences because we want the changes to be sustainable. I was quite surprised at how much energy I have when eating less. Thanks, Namrita and group, for the friendly goal setting, group discussions, scientific information, and motivation!"


"Total weight loss = 12.6 lbs while working 3 jobs and little time to train. The calories are key. I'm continuing past the end of the 6 weeks until I reach my high school wrestling weight!"


"Thank you for the great selection of menu options and inspiration rolled into a fun challenge that I will be leveraging well beyond 6 weeks. I lost 8 lbs!"

Frequently Asked questions

Is the Nutrition Boot Camp all about weight loss?

No. Boot Camp is geared to help everyone improve and optimize their daily nutrition and fueling for training. Namrita will help you determine your personal energy and macro needs based on your body composition goals (fat loss, weight/lean mass gain, or weight maintenance) within the overall context of optimizing your training, recovery, and performance.

How flexible are the Boot Camp recipes and meal options? What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our Nutrition Boot Camp accommodates any dietary preferences, and Namrita will help you learn to swap ingredients to suit your dietary preferences and restrictions. The meal and snack options given are flexible for you to choose from and give you the ability to combine and/or modify them however you like, as long as they satisfy your personal energy and macro needs.

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