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Workout Preview: Seated Power Surges, Week 1, Thursday

The screenshot below is from the workout details in the desktop version of TrainingPeaks; you can access the same view in your own TrainingPeaks calendar. The written notes below correspond to the numbered areas in the picture.

Ride today in ERG mode. ERG will help coral us into our zones and prevent us from surging too hard, and it will also help develop the ability to pedal with a steady pressure.

1. This warmup is our regular warmup: an easy five minutes followed by three fast pedals. Don't force the leg speed with the fast pedals. Use the cadence targets as a guide, but let your body and legs spin "fast" relative to you. Focus on making each one progressively faster and the last one as fast as you can go. NOTE: If you have some extra time, feel free to extend your warmup a few minutes. If you're jumping on the Zwift workout, use the extra 5-15 minutes of time in the paddock to extend your warmup!

2. Settle into a steady aerobic endurance at a cadence of 80-90 rpm. If you're unsure about your FTP, here are some notes that may help for today:

  • Aerobic endurance power requires a steady pressure on the pedals.

  • Aerobic endurance is conversational and doesn't require much mental energy to make the power.

  • It's easy to drift off and pedal too easily or to settle into "I need to feel like I'm doing a workout" and ride in Tempo zone instead.

  • After you test this weekend, you'll be able to confirm your FTP and set accurate zones; for today, just do your best if you aren't sure.

3. The surges: Use cadence first. Let your leg speed generate the power. Cue yourself to think leg speed and then power. Stay controlled; don't bounce. Keep your core strong and stable, and relax your shoulders. Develop good coordination and timing. If you lose these, slow your cadence until you're back in control.

4. Short cooldown


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