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Workout Preview: High Cadence Pyramids, Week 1, Tuesday

The screenshot below is from the workout details in the desktop version of TrainingPeaks; you can access the same view in your own TrainingPeaks calendar. The written notes below correspond to the numbered areas in the picture.

Today's workout is 100% in ERG mode. We'll start the season in ERG to calibrate the feel of power zones to our brain and legs; we'll soon start to find the steady, constant pressure we need for quality endurance rides.

  1. This warmup will be our regular warmup: an easy five minutes followed by three fast pedals. Don't force the leg speed with the fast pedals. Use the cadence targets as a guide, but let your body and legs spin "fast" relative to you. Focus on making each one progressively faster and the last one as fast as you can go. NOTE: If you have some extra time, please feel free to extend your warmup a few minutes. If you're jumping on the Zwift workout, use the extra 5-15 minutes of time in the paddock to extend your warmup!

  2. Settle into a steady aerobic endurance at a cadence of 80-90 rpm.

  3. The high cadence pyramid is the meat of the workout. During the "on" section, spin high cadence at a slightly higher power, and during the "off" sections, return to a more natural, self-selected cadence. Relax into the leg speed. Don't bounce; be strong and controlled in your pedaling. As you practice this neuromuscular element (the high-cadence spinning), your body will learn, and as you pattern and groove the pedal stroke, your leg speed will become faster and freer.

  4. Settle back into more steady aerobic endurance. Where is your self-selected cadence now? Is it faster after the drills? Aim to settle back into the 80-95 rpm range here.

  5. There will always be a short cool down, and you can extend this a few minutes if needed.


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