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Week 10 Training Preview

This week features our maintenance high-intensity day with a VO2max micro interval workout, followed by more Sweet Spot training with first a cadence/power step-up workout and then Sweet Spot with surges on Saturday. The dose of intensity will spin the anaerobic plate. (Remember Coach Tim's plate analogy?) The cadence will be challenging in Thursday's workout. The slow-to-high cadence will increase fiber recruitment on our fatigued legs and increase the cardiovascular demand late in the workout. Saturday gives us more bread-and-butter Sweet Spot with surges to continue to improve lactate management.

Learning: More than FTP

We are so much more than an FTP. Too often we get fixated on our 20-minute power, but our ability to do and/or absorb more work, repeat quality intervals, do high-powered efforts late in a ride, or simply being able to extend our 20-minute power to 40 minutes and beyond are all possibly more important than a one-time 20-minute power number. Thinking about it in terms of a sprinter, I could have a world-class parking lot sprint, but if I can't get to the finish, it isn't very helpful!

Week Objectives

  • Focus on the details

  • Rest on the rest days

  • Successful and strong second and third intervals: push the second half of the workouts (intervals two and three), not the first half

  • Review breathing: Practice shifting gears with the higher-intensity work and use it to help control heart rate

Coach Tips

  • Our stress buckets are filling up this cycle, so be sure to manage your off-the-bike stress, get regular or extra sleep, and not skimp on your calories. The big third week of the cycle is coming!

  • Because this week is heavy, keep Wednesday a quiet endurance ride.


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