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Workout preview: FTP Cadence Climbing Steps, Week 13, Tuesday

Use a medium climbing block today. ERG mode is optional for the first interval, but it should be turned off for the last two.

1. Warm up well, continuing to mix in the fast pedals to rev our engines and prepare our neuromuscular systems for the workout. Use the pushes to increase your breathing rate, as well.

2. This is a strong Endurance push; let's use it to continue warming up and preparing our minds and bodies to go hard. Stay on top of or ahead of hydration and nutrition.

3. This is a strong FTP push. Use your natural cadence, find your rhythm, and push FTP pace. Try to keep your breathing controlled in Gear 2 or 3. Stay focused!

4. For the final 90 seconds, we'll step up both power and cadence every 30 seconds, a little more power and a little faster leg speed with each step. Drive strong and hard to the finish! As we breathe harder and faster, continue to be aware and keep breathing deep and in rhythm. We'll use the long 7-minute recovery to both recover and settle back into light Endurance to get ready for the next interval. Eat and drink. You know the drill!

Do the first interval controlled, then consider pushing power in the second half of interval 2 and/or 3. The goal is three strong intervals, but we also want to challenge ourselves and be uncomfortable. Push power across the ten minutes on the last interval the best you can.

5. Recover and cool down. Good work! Practice your recovery habits. This is the first workout of the final cycle, so think long. Don't get too high or low today.


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