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Workout preview: Sweet Spot with FT Surges, Week 14, Thursday

Don't use a climbing block for this workout. Turn off ERG mode during the intervals.

1. Warm up well with the fast pedals, letting each one get progressively faster based on your body. If you have a few extra minutes to warm up, spin light Endurance.

2. We'll use this endurance segment to settle into Gear 1 breathing and to get our minds ready for a big workout with three long intervals.

3. Settle into Sweet Spot pace at your natural cadence (80-90 rpm is common) with a good rhythm of pedaling and Gear 2 breathing. Focus on holding the Sweet Spot after the surges. You should have a good idea how to ride and pace Sweet Spot now. The goal is to get two strong intervals in, so be patient early to enable a stronger or equal late effort.

4. The high-cadence surges are strong, but they aren't max. Use the high cadence to spin up the power and shift your breathing to Gear 3 as needed. We'll definitely feel these, but they're doable. Use your breathing as you return back to Sweet Spot.

5. Get some good recovery as you cool down, settling back to Gear 1 breathing.


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