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Workout preview: Climbing VO2max Power Twos, Week 14, Tuesday

Use a medium climbing block for this workout. ERG mode should be off during the intervals.

1. Warm up well. We're digging out two-minute efforts today, so be ready!

2. We'll do some extra Endurance here. Settle into a nice pace and good breathing rhythm (Gear 1). Eat and drink as needed and get mentally ready.

3. The main set is two sets of 4 x 2-minute intervals with 2 minutes of recovery between. The idea is simple: Push power, be uncomfortable, repeat. As general guidance, use the target for the first two minutes, then cover your power meter and just go hard for the remaining two-minute efforts. Try to make strong power across each one, but don't worry if power begins to fall off. Really focus on the middle two intervals of each set, then give what you have left on the last interval of each set. Use whatever cadence you need to make power. If you traditionally spin high, try lowering cadence a little to drive the power.

4. Let's use the five minutes of Endurance to finish clearing any remaining byproduct and find our feel-good rhythm again.

5. Cool down. Good work for a solid workout! Use tomorrow to balance today's workout and Thursday's.


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