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Workout preview: Climbing Sweet Spot Hard Start Intervals, Week 15, Thursday

Use a medium climbing block for this workout. After you finish it, compare it to your Tuesday workout in Week 11!

1. Warm up well, extending time before as needed. Use the fast pedals to help wake up the legs.

2. We start with a short Endurance segment to get settled. Snack and drink now. Try to use Gear 1 breathing to set the tone for the workout.

3. The high-cadence hard-start power surge immediately drives the demand on the cardiovascular system and creates a small dose of lactate.

4. We'll settle into a self-selected cadence (80-90 rpm) and a steady Sweet Spot pace. We have three long intervals. Settle in on the first interval, and if you're still good late in the second, consider working the upper part of your Sweet Spot zone; if in doubt, stay where you are and wait until the last interval to push the upper part of the zone. We want three strong intervals, so aim to be strong later. Accumulate time in the right zone. Pushing more power early and dying late is not better.

5. Recover and cool down, spinning out the legs.


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