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Week 2 Training Preview

This week we'll continue to work in Zone 2. Now that we have our current FTP set, we're going to put extra focus into Zone 2. Find it. Feel it. Stay patient! I can't emphasize enough how important this work is for our energy systems and setting ourselves up for success later. We'll also talk about cadence this week and the idea of neuromuscular manipulation and how we can use this to improve training benefits.

Learning: Neuromuscular Manipulation/Cadence

The use of cadence targets is an important part of our BaseCamp training. There are neurological and physiological reasons we use it, and it will help us be better cyclists, because all disciplines of cycling require us to make power across a range of cadences.

Week Objectives

  • Continue to settle into Zone 2. Find it. Feel it. Stay patient.

  • Extensive aerobic endurance: building time in Zone 2 and moving all other zones to Zone 2

  • Slowing down to go faster: Energy system reset

  • Cadence manipulation; understanding that watts = how hard we pedal x how fast we pedal

  • Notice the CV connection to high cadence

Coach Tips

  • When you do the surges, think speed first, then power.

  • We're practicing windups this week. Don't worry about being perfect on the first try; use these first workouts to figure out the technique.

  • Enjoy the Zone 2 time! We'll be smashing power soon enough.


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