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Workout preview: Big Gear Force Intervals, Week 2, Thursday

We'll do today's workout in ERG mode.

1. This our regular warmup with three fast pedals. Same idea as the last three workouts.

2. Settle into aerobic endurance pace. Continue to feel your new or corrected Endurance zone (Zone 2.) Find the steady pressure and let your brain begin to calibrate the feel to your number. Hydrate and snack now if you need it!

3. This is an ugly pedaling drill. The idea is to power down: separate the left leg and the right leg and drive down. Don't worry about getting your opposite leg back around (we'll tackle that in the future); today it's just left side down, right side down, left side down, right side down, etc. Cadence is lower; aim for the 75-85 rpm range. The slower pedal stroke will help us really focus on the downstroke power, timing, and coordination.

TIPS: Find the cadence rhythm, then settle into the power, then focus on the pedaling drill. This is a great opportunity to find and use your glutes!

4. Aerobic endurance. After the low-cadence drills, it will take more focus to spin at 80-90 rpm.

5. Cool down.


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