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Workout preview: Power Tempo, Week 3, Thursday

This workout will be done in ERG mode.

1. Get in a good warmup! If you have extra time to spin light for an extra 5-10 minutes, this is a good day to do it. We've got our usual fast pedals on the menu; let's use them to open our breathing, raise heart rate without a lot of muscle tension, and prep our minds for the workout ahead.

2. Short session of Endurance. Settle in, eat, drink, and get ready.

3. We start with a 1-minute high-cadence power surge. Spin the power up and hold it.

4. Immediately after the hard start, we settle into Tempo power. Do your best not to let the power drop below Tempo. Use a more natural cadence in the 80-90 rpm range. Find rhythm here. Tempo will feel good. With ERG on, we'll be "gated" into the zone, and we can use this to help us feel Tempo. By now we should have set our brains to better understand what Endurance pace is, and now we step it up a level. Let's find that true Tempo feel. Remember, going harder is not going to help us. Be patient and stay with the process.

5. We finish the effort with a 1-minute high-cadence surge. Being able to change cadence and power is an important part of being a well-equipped cyclist.

6. After the recovery, we settle into a high-cadence Endurance pace. Let's use this time to groove with faster pedaling and build some fatigue resistance in the signaling pathways.

7. Cool down.

NOTE: If you would like to get ahead with the "Breathing" that is noted in the Training Peaks workout description, check out the Breathing Basics for Athletes Course where gears of breathing are discussed. Otherwise, stay tuned. We will discuss this in the community during week 5! Link to course:


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