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Workout preview: Big Gear Force Intervals, Week 3, Tuesday

This workout will be done in ERG mode.

1. This is our regular warmup with three fast pedals. You know the drill!

2. Settle into aerobic endurance pace. Continue to feel your Endurance zone (Zone 2). Find the steady pressure. Let your brain calibrate the feel to your number. This is a good time to hydrate and snack if you need it!

3. Here we're building on last Thursday's workout. This is the same "ugly" pedaling drill. Remember, the idea is to power down. Separate the left leg and the right leg and drive down. Don't worry about getting your opposite leg back around; just do left side down, right side down, left side down, right side down, and so on.

The first four intervals step up in power from last week. Use this to further help you feel power and connect and pattern the downward pedal stroke. The cadence is still low here, so the increase in power must come from downward torque. Try not to use momentum to pedal; focus on separating the legs.

4. The last three intervals are similar to last Thursday. Continue the pedaling drills! At 80 rpm for 5 minutes, you'll get 400 practice pedals per interval. Remember to find the cadence rhythm first, settle into the power second, and focus on the pedaling drill third.

5. Cool down.

NOTE: If you would like to get ahead with the "Breathing" that is noted in the Training Peaks workout description, check out the Breathing Basics for Athletes Course where gears of breathing are discussed. Otherwise, stay tuned. We will discuss this in the community during week 5! Link to course:


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