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Week 4 Training Preview

This is our first rest week! Resting is one of the most important things we can do as an athlete. If we are permafit, stagnated, or declining in our FTP, chances are we've never learned to properly and strategically rest. Remember, rest is when you have energy to adapt and get stronger, and it sets you up for the next training cycle.

Learning: Nutrition, Recovery, and the Four Rs

This week we'll walk through four key components of good rest and recovery. These are great habits to build and use every day, not just in rest weeks!

Week Objectives

  • REST

  • Rest

  • Relax

  • Get moving

  • Test, learn, and check training zones

Coach Tips

  • Walk

  • This is a good week to catch up.

  • Body maintenance

  • Mentally relax, and don't stress about not riding. The mental break is as important as the physical one.

  • Continue to eat well and hydrate.


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