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Workout preview: Anaerobic Endurance, Week 6, Tuesday

We'll do this workout in ERG mode.

1. Let's get in a good warm-up today! If you have a little extra time, add 5-10 minutes of light Endurance. The workout starts fast! Take advantage of the fast pedals, and push the last one a little more so you're ready.

2. Settle into a steady aerobic power pace for a few minutes. Find a good pedaling rhythm. Get your mind ready. Snack and hydrate now if you need to. Check your breathing; focus on Gear 1.

3. Today's main set is three sets of 12 x 20-second intervals repeating ON for 20 seconds and OFF for 20 seconds. ERG will control the top end by design; aim for just enough today. We don't want to turn this into a pure micro-interval max-effort workout. With each ON section, push power up with a slightly higher cadence and hold it, then relax and soft pedal for the OFF section. Repeat. EDIT: Do not soft pedal too soft if in ERG mode. Do be aware of the ERG Monster. EDIT2: Do not go ballistic in the 20 seconds. The beginning of the 20 seconds will include your time raising the power to the target. EDIT3: Do the first set (12 x 20) interval conservative. More of a gentle acceleration to bottom of target and hold. Think of it as accelerating out of a corner in a group. Get a feel for the workout. Challenging but doable at 20 second power.

We get four minutes of recovery between intervals. Use your breathing to get your heart rate down faster. Mentally relax. Take in hydration and nutrition as needed.

5. After the intervals, settle into aerobic power for thirteen minutes. This is a stronger aerobic push. Find your steady rhythm. Control your breathing. Finish the workout strong!

6. Cool down.


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