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Workout preview: High-Cadence Ramps, Week 8, Thursday

We'll do this workout in ERG mode.

1. We'll warm up with the usual fast pedals. Our legs may feel a little chunky after the break; let's allow them to wake up slowly without forcing the leg speed.

2. Settle into a nice Endurance pace. Today we aren't training; we're still mentally in rest mode, but we need to begin waking up the system and preparing for the weekend.

3. This section is a series of four 4-minute high-cadence ramps. Each minute we will raise the power and the cadence progressively, and between the 4-minute intervals, we'll ride aerobic endurance at a self-selected cadence (80-90 rpm is most common).

We're using the cadence to rev our engines to help open us for the weekend while also still giving the legs a little break. Remember, higher cadence requires lower torque to make the power. Our heart rate may be a little more responsive today; that's a normal part of the rest. Again, don’t force the cadence; it will get faster and faster as we relax into the leg speed.

4. Short cool down.


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