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Week 9 Training Preview

This week starts our third training cycle and another round of intensive aerobic work! We will be challenged with multiple rounds of heavy Sweet Spot efforts to increase our time in intensive aerobic zones. We are also continuing to work on lactate management with the hard starts and the Sweet Spot efforts with surges.

Learning: Fuel In, Byproduct Out

Building our aerobic engines requires us to get fuel in the form of energy and oxygen; these come in, and the byproducts CO2 and lactic acid go out. We've had discussions on breathing and nutritional needs, and this week we focus on lactate management. The better we can process, buffer, and recycle the lactate for more fuel, the better our engines will work.

Week Objectives

  • Build intensive aerobic time in zone

  • Lactate management under Sweet Spot training load

  • Another round of anaerobic endurance on Saturday

Coach Tips

  • Cycle 3 is the money cycle! Be good with the details of your recovery.

  • Rest days become very important. What we could get away with on rest days in previous cycles will cost us quality and adaptation in this one. Resting Monday and Friday this week will help us manage the third week of the cycle.

  • The workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are the focus of the week. Use Wednesday's Endurance ride to balance based on fatigue, riding lower in the zone if you need to.


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