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Workout preview: Power Climbing Tempo, Week 9, Tuesday

Cycle 2 kicks off today! We'll be extending time in our intensive aerobic work zones, starting with a long power climbing Tempo interval today. We're adding a climbing block (a block or similar placed under the front wheel of the bike) in this cycle; while it isn't required, it will help simulate a climbing body position on the bike.

Make sure you've set your new FTP in Zwift and Training Peaks after your test last weekend.

Turn ERG off for the intervals and practice making power.

1. Get warmed up! You know the drill by now. Extend time before as needed, and use the fast pedals to help wake you up.

2. This is a short Endurance segment. Get settled, snack, drink. Try to use Gear 1 breathing to set the tone for the workout.

3. This is a high-cadence hard-start power surge. We want to drive the demand on the cardiovascular system and immediately create a small dose of lactate.

4. Settle into Tempo pace at 70-80 rpm. The lower cadence creates more muscular demand and helps build muscle endurance while also working in Zone 3. This will feel easy early, but you'll probably feel your legs more on the second effort.

5. Recover and cool down. Spin out the legs.


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