BaseCamp Yoga Session 1 - Recording

Want to counteract the effects of spending hours on the bike? A few simple yoga postures linked to a steady breath can go a long way in aiding recovery. Keith Moore led us in this 30-minute yoga session with restorative postures that will help the body unwind from the day’s workout. You’ll move a little. You'll breathe a little. And you’ll finish focused and fresh for another day in the saddle.

Recorded live on January 8, 2021, with Keith Moore and Rebecca Epstein.

Keith Moore owns the Ashtanga Yoga Studio and has taught yoga for over twenty years. He's made several extended trips to study in Mysore, India, and was authorized to teach by the late Sri K Pattahbi Jois. He's also spent endless amounts of time on trails, roads, and mountains; he started running ultramarathons back in the 90s, but over the last decade he’s made biking more of a priority. With BaseCamp assistance over one spring and summer, he went from having never done a triathlon to completing his first full Ironman.

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