Drafting 101

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Drafting in Zwift is real! Let’s say you're riding 150 watts and going 15 mph alone. If you find someone or a group to draft behind, your 150 watts will now get you closer to 20 mph (this isn’t perfect numbers, just an example). You won't feel any difference, because you're still riding at 150 watts, but now your 150 watts gets you more speed! That’s how we work together and make this weekend's century ride faster together than if we did it alone.

Here are some tips:

  • Remember to keep pedaling! When Zwift notices you stop pedaling, you’ll sit up and go backward pretty quick.

  • Watch for the “close the gap” message to cue you in to the right place.

  • Your avatar will sit up when you're in the draft. Take a look at the pictures below; in the first, the rider is in the draft, and in the second, he's coming around in the wind and gets back into aero position.

  • It will take a little practice to find the sweet spot of pressure on the pedals; good thing we have a long ride to practice! There'll be plenty of time to try it out and ask questions. There will be lots of experienced BaseCampers willing to help you, too, have no fear!

Here the avatar on the right is drafting
Here the avatar is in the wind as he comes around

Check out this video from Zwift on drafting:

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