Excellence in the Details

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As the training steps up this cycle, pay attention to the details. It's easy to get complacent or lazy with the little things, especially when time is an issue. I know, because I sometimes do too. However, right now is the perfect time to establish (or reestablish) small habits that will help you later.

As we think about the WHOLE of the BaseCamp training program, remember we'll be progressing again and again in Cycles 3 and 4. The challenge on your bodies will continue to increase. There will be a little more intensity and definitely more time in zones above endurance. The work will get heavier, so the "little things" you do now as part of your training will begin to become more and more important. Be intentional about establishing your pre-ride prep, recovery, and maintenance routines that will set you up for success down the road. Remember: staying healthy is key to training, recovery, and adaptation!

Sleeping is a huge component to this, so here are some tips for good sleep:

  • Develop good sleep patterns.

  • Try to settle into a good circadian rhythm - about the same time to sleep every night.

  • Try to get off your screens an hour before bed.

  • Use orange lights/lenses/filters later in the evening.

  • After a hard day, make a fire in your fireplace if you have one.

  • Read a book.

  • Let your body know you're no longer running from any lions (aka you don't need to be in flight-or-fight mode).

  • Do a round of deep breathing and light stretching.

  • If you're in a warmer climate, take a slow, easy walk later in the day with relaxed breathing.

  • Eat your last major meal 2-3 hours before bed.

  • Try a scoop of protein before bed to help with deep sleep quality.

  • Maintain a constant room temperature, not too hot and not too cold.

  • Make sure you're hydrating through the day and not immediately before bed.

Stay tuned for more ideas for taking care of your body...

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