Fatigue and Form Progression

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How do you feel? Still tired and planning on skipping today and just doing a 30-minute easy spin? Ready to get back at it? Well, let's look at today's and tomorrow's workout. Lately we've been talking the performance manager chart and metrics like Fitness, Fatigue, and Form, so we'll continue in that vein.

Look at the workouts in the screenshots above. This athlete is pretty fit for this time of year, with a Fitness (CTL) of 84 today. This means the athlete has been training pretty consistently and building some fitness.

Now let's look at the athlete's Form for today. It's been improving over the last three days from -31 to -4 today (Fatigue has been declining at same rate). This suggests the athlete is reducing fatigue (also demonstrated in the improving Fatigue numbers), building Form, and close to being ready to train again at -4.

So let's look at tomorrow. Look closely at Form; it actually goes positive, even after today's workout (as Fatigue continues to decline). Why? For this athlete's level of fitness, today's easier workout generates ~40 TSS and is still allowing for recovery; the athlete is doing an effort that's not adding additional stimuli to the system that would elicit a response. The athlete is "resting," but now in an active format.

Take a look at your Fitness metric for the next few days. Athletes with higher CTL (Fitness) are more likely to be ready to do today's workout, while athletes with lower CTL, maybe not so much. In the end, your feelings override everything, but learn to feel what the numbers are telling you. This is a tad complex, I know, so feel free to ask questions!

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