Finding the Feel of Sweet Spot

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How did your sweet spot go on Saturday? Are you feeling the difference as you slide along the spectrum from Endurance to Tempo to Sweet Spot? The spectrum from dry to damp to wet?

As you continue to train, you'll get better at feeling the differences. Generally, I hope you are beginning to notice the different mental focus required to do each type of interval. Your legs should also be understanding the subtle differences in the effort required as you go from 1) the more relaxed and good, constant pressure of endurance riding, into 2) having to work more to make the tempo but feeling strong, into 3) this new sweet spot push that is still not all out but definitely needs pushing and super focus.

Why is this important?

So remember earlier in base camp I wrote a post about feel for your Z2 rides and also using ERG to find feel? Hopefully this weekend you were able to dial in the feel of sweet spot training. Later in the next couple weeks or the next cycle, as your fitness grows, you will want to keep that same feel by dialing up the bias to match it. (Alternatively, if you have a power range set, simply let your power drift upward in that zone.)

As an example, I normally do my SST outside. I'm not locked in to a target number, instead I have space to let my power drift up while I maintain the same feel/RPE of sweet spot pace and effort. I'm not forcing the power up or trying to ride harder; it's happening naturally and is drifting up through the zone. This is more difficult to do on the trainer, so you can either have a range to work in or you can use your bias to do this same thing.

This week, start by simply being in the zone. Just be in the zone. Don't try to set world records or push yourself too fast. Pay attention to what sweet spot feels like. Then once you have this feel/RPE dialed, give yourself space to grow by feel, not forcing the power up but simply allowing the power to drift up. There is no need to rush this; just start to be aware of it. It will help you later!

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