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Frankie's story: Rebecca's Private Idaho French Fry

BaseCamper Frankie Holt shared her experience in the French Fry event at Rebecca's Private Idaho 2023.

My first RPI/French Fry is in the books!!! I was super stoked with my time. Especially thankful for my coaching from uber BaseCamp coach Kate Johnson! Given I only have 8-10 hours/week to train...I crushed it!! And I am super proud of myself for showing up. Biking to the event that morning was a real strength of willpower. I really just wanted to just turn around and go home, but I told myself I'd go for 20 minutes. If I still wanted to turn around, that'd be fine and I'd allow myself that option without shame. But...of course...once I clipped in, all was golden! I had quite a bit of rain and mud on my course and I freaking loved it! Felt totally epic, a little hardcore, and a lot of fun. Thank you, thank you to all of you amazing BaseCampers and coaches. You all ROCK!!!

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So proud of you Frankie! 💯❤️

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