Tech Tip: Getting a Good Connection

A few people had some connection issues this week, so we've put together some tips for anyone using a computer connection (not an Apple TV or iPad).

BlueTooth vs. Ant+?

The winner is Ant+. Bluetooth is a faster signal with a greater range, but it's also more susceptible to interference (typically coming from your laptop or computer itself). If you must use Bluetooth, find a way to get the computer as close to the trainer as possible.

Best Ant+ Tip

Move the dongle away from the computer (the computer will create interference with reception) with a simple USB extender cable like this one.

Second Best Ant+ Tip

Move the dongle close to the trainer itself to improve reception.

Third Best Ant+ Tip

When you connect to Zwift and pair your trainer, make sure you use the FE-C version of the Ant+ signal. It's actually probably your only choice now, but this is a special signal built for fitness equipment (hence the FE in the name).

Check out the full Facebook post for other members' suggestions, and watch the video below on how to set up your dongle.

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