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Relaxing at the Viva Blue

After a hard ride or a long day out, taking some time to relax can be the perfect way to end the day. The Viva Blue offers several opportunities to unwind and enjoy your vacation experience. You can see more on their website here, or read on for our top three suggestions! 

The spa area at the Viva Blue

Experience the spa

In the lobby you'll find a staircase that winds down to the lower level, and it's here that you can enjoy the Balneum Spa & Wellness Centre. The spa area features a cold plunge pool, water jet therapy, a sauna, a steam room, and more. This spa area is FREE and can be the perfect thing for sore and tired legs. Evenings typically feature adult-only hours if you're looking for some extra quiet time. 

Hint: The laundry machines are also down here, adjacent to the spa area! 

Book a massage

There are a number of massage offerings you can take advantage of during your stay. Whether you're looking for some deeper tissue work or simply to relax, you'll likely find a massage style that's perfect for your needs. Massages do need to be pre-booked, and we suggest reaching out early to ensure you can find a time that works best for you. See the full list of offerings here! Then simply reach out to the lovely folks at the Viva Blue's reception at They can answer any questions and set everything up for you. 

Take a dip in the pool

There are a few different pool options at the hotel and plenty of lounge chairs to stretch out on throughout the property. We suggest heading back to the Chill-Out Pool, an 18+ area that tends to be fairly quiet; it's tucked away on the side of the property and can be an excellent spot to, well, chill! 

While we're not sure it counts as relaxing, the Viva Blue does have a full gym in the same building as the bike station, featuring machines, free weights, and cardio options. Great for those working to stay on their strength program or a rainy day!


Just outside the Viva Blue property you'll find a variety of shops and restaurants. Many previous campers have strongly recommend taking a stroll just down the street and treating yourself to some delicious afternoon gelato. The ocean is also a quick ten-minute walk away and a lovely spot to catch the sunset!

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barb b
barb b
Apr 03

Thank you for the suggestions and reminders:)

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