Review: Cycle 1 Week 1

Week 1 is in the books! The first week can be the hardest. Getting back to work, learning some new technology, and following all the learning here can make it seem pretty hectic, but I bet everyone is starting to settle in.

As you can see in this image above, Rebecca Epstein had a nice week! Most of her workouts are GREEN, and the one that is yellow is because that Zwift group workout was a little longer, so she is 100% on target!

Now, as you might have noticed, TrainingPeaks gives you weekly totals on the right side of the calendar screen. The planned numbers are in regular font on the left, and the actual (completed) numbers are on the right in bold text. This makes it easy to compare duration and training stress score. How did you do? Did you get close to your targets?

One other thing you should look at is your time in zone. This week had some solid work, and your zones should look like this:

Next week, Coach Serena Bishop Gordon will be the one leading you through the daily workouts, tech, and training info!

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