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Setting up your rental bike for comfort and performance in Mallorca

Renting a bike in Mallorca is easy (assuming you started early enough), but it's essential to ensure that your rental bike is properly set up when you get there to maximize comfort, performance, and safety. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up your bike rental from arrival and check-in to dealing with potential issues along the way.

Arrival and Check-In

Upon arrival at the Viva Blue and Spa, the first step is to check in and receive your rental key, which will grant you access to your designated bike storage and allow you to pick up your bike. The bike rental shop is located in the bike storage area in building number 4 and is typically open from about 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Once you have your key in hand and have settled into your room, head down to pick up your bike. (If you rented a bike from HC Tours, they will contact you with bike delivery times; please have your storage key available when you meet them so you can store your bike.)

What to Consider Bringing

While our bike rental companies provide basic equipment like pedals, saddles, and saddlebags, you may want to consider bringing your own items to ensure comfort and fit. 

Your Pedals

We highly advise that you bring your own pedals. Rental bikes will come with common clip-in pedals, but the interface between your shoes and the clips is so important to your comfort that you really want to bring your own.

Your Saddle

While rental bikes come with saddles, not everyone finds them comfortable. If you have a preferred saddle that you're accustomed to, consider bringing it along to swap out with the rental saddle.

Your Saddlebag

Rental bikes typically come equipped with a saddlebag for storing essentials like tools and spare tubes; however, if you prefer using your saddlebag or have specific items you want to bring, feel free to use your own.

Fitting Your Rental Bike

Proper bike fit is crucial for comfort and performance while cycling. Our bike rental partners have knowledgeable staff available to assist you in fitting your rental bike, but taking a few measurements can really make a difference. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure a proper fit.

Bring Your Tape Measurements

We highly suggest investing in a fabric tape measure, as they're cheap and easily marked. Before you leave home, take the following measurements using this tape and both record them electronically and mark them on the tape in permanent marker. 

Saddle Setback Measurement

  1. Measure your crank center position: Place your bike's rear tire against a wall and straighten the bike so it is perpendicular from the wall. Measure from the wall to the center of your bike's crank, then record that number and mark it on the tape.

  2. Measure to the tip of your saddle: Measure from the wall to the front tip of your saddle; record this number and mark it on your tape measure.

  3. Subtract the saddle-tip measurement from the center-of-the-crank measurement to determine your saddle setback.

As an example, my bike's center of crank is 74 centimeters from the wall, and the tip of my saddle is 68 centimeters from the wall. Subtracting 68 from 74 gives me my saddle setback measurement of 6 centimeters.

Saddle Height Measurement

Place your right side crank arm in the bottom position (6:00 on a clock face) and measure from the pedal spindle to the top of your saddle. The best way to ensure accuracy here is to place something flat on the saddle like a clipboard and measure to that edge. Record this number and mark it on your tape measure; this is your saddle height from the pedal spindle.

Reach Measurement

  1. Measure from the tip of your saddle to the center of your handlebars where the stem clasps the bar. Record this number and mark it on your tape measure. 

  2. Measure from the tip of your saddle to the center of each handlebar grip, making sure the handlebars are straight. Record this number and mark it on your tape measure.

You now have the three key dimensions to set up your rental bike to match the bike you ride at home. Remember to bring both your recorded measurements and the marked-up tape measure from your bike at home to make it easy to dial you in. Our coaches are on hand to help you get it right!

Dealing with Issues

Despite the best preparation, issues may arise during your bike rental experience. Here's how to address a few common dilemmas.

Changing Parts

If you encounter discomfort or inefficiency due to bike components like saddles or pedals, consult with the rental staff to explore options for changing these parts.


In the event of mechanical issues like a gear-adjustment or braking issue, we are there to help. Our core coaching team members are trained mechanics and will work with the rental company to get your bike repaired as soon as possible.

In conclusion, setting up your bike rental is a crucial step toward a memorable and enjoyable cycling adventure. By following these guidelines and being proactive in addressing any issues, you'll be ready to hit the road or trails with confidence and comfort. So gear up, get pedaling, and embrace the joys of exploring new horizons on two wheels!


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