Strength Tip: Refine and Relearn Motor Patterns

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Video Transcript

What's up, BaseCampers? Menachem Brodie here with you with this week's fitness tip. I'm here at the training studio that I use here in Tel Aviv in front of the dumbbell rack on purpose, not because we have access to the gym, but because we're allowed to access it to film for you guys. So let's get to it.

A lot of us like to think about strength training and needing adjustable dumbbells or tons and tons of different weight selection at home, but in fact that's not what we need, especially for the first, really, couple of months, if not longer. When it comes to our strength training, what we're actually in need of is better movement patterns and better motor patterns.

Now these are two different things. Movement patterns is how the body is going to move; a motor pattern is how the brain has decided to move or execute that particular movement. These are also called engrams. Now what happens is that after a certain amount of times, some of these engrams are actually stored in your spinal cord and become automatic, just like you boot up your computer or your smartphone nowadays; it'll automatically go through -- with Android, the ball bounces to the next thing, and it swoops around. That's a motor pattern. That's how the body has learned how to do movement.

For a lot of us, as cyclists, we get hundreds of thousands of practices of moving our legs this way and our upper torso, hips, and rib cage and head and arms are doing all types of different things. So what we want to do here in the first part of BaseCamp is actually refine and relearn motor patterns. We want you to be able to learn how to move more efficiently and more effectively. And this is where we can get you a lot of low-hanging fruit that so many people will pass because they're thinking, I need bigger weights, I need to get stronger in that aspect. These are small, consistent, regular practices getting you those wins.

So you don't need a whole rack full of dumbbells. You've just got to take your time: focused, purposeful practice. As Ericsson said, ten thousand hours of focused, purposeful practice are what makes you an expert. Same thing here. We want focused, purposeful practice.

See you guys in the BaseCamp strength program for the next week!

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