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Taeko's story: Returning to group rides after illness

BaseCamper Taeko Shibahara shared her experience in a group ride as she returns to training after illness.

I have been away from the community for a long time, but the 24 camp is approaching, I would like to share my experience with you. Well, I have been sick—a kind of age-related disease—since the end of March, and my Dc. stopped any exercises for a few months. Although restarting activities, first from walking, then to cycling in July, my fitness level has been extremely low. I had to give up all cycling events this year. But wanting to confirm the 22-23 winter [BaseCamp] was not always for nothing for me at all, I participated in my group's 150km ride on October 1. Both its distance and elevation were not demanding, in general, but to minimize damage and complete the ride, I belonged to group C—around 31km/h. Thanks to skills from BaseCamp, including riding, nutrition and hydration, I comfortably finished the ride (probably stronger than any other group C member). After the ride, my riding partner said that my body remembered pedaling skills from BaseCamp, which seemed to support my poor fitness.

Also, I want to add that thinking of many enthusiastic community members who enjoy various challenges uplifted me. Hope to see you soon.


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