Take advantage of indoor training to build good habits

As the weather gets cooler and many of us transition into more indoor rides, we’ve got a great opportunity to dial in our pre-, during-, and post-ride routines. Here are a few tips:

  1. Since we no longer need to don layers and collect other gear to venture outside, we can use those extra few minutes for some pre-activation movement -- those exercises we know we should do but never seem to find the time for!

  2. Set up water and fuel and practice fueling while doing harder efforts on the trainer. This is a great way to train our stomachs and our brains to take in hydration and fuel while working hard. And let’s face it, most of us probably need extra hydration indoors.

  3. Add an extra 3-5 minutes of easy spinning at the end of a workout to help the body unwind.

  4. After a ride, eat a protein/carb snack immediately (for women, especially, hitting that 30-minute post-workout window is super important) and do some post-ride mobility/recovery moves to aid recovery for the next day. I like to use this time as my meditation/quiet time and focus on breath and relaxation, getting the tension out. I also like to sip on a tall glass of ice water to help keep up my hydration. Some folks like to sip on electrolyte drink, which is fine, too.

When we move indoors, we can really take advantage of the opportunity to practice some of those little things we get distracted from while on the road. Practice now, habit later!

About the Author

Kate Johnson is a USA Cycling Level 2 certified coach and a TrainingPeaks certified coach, and she has earned her power certification through Peaks Coaching Group. She has over ten years of experience with in-person coaching, from the ultimate beginner who's never been on a bike before to age group world champions in Ironman and ITU Triathlon.

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