The Definition of Rest

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The Webster's definition of rest is "being or characterized by dormancy." Let's compare that to the questions we're getting this week from BaseCampers:

  • Can I swim for a few hours?

  • What about riding doubles?

  • Can I run on my off days?

  • Can I do my favorite Zwift challenges on my off days so I can squeeze them in?

My answer is: ask Webster! And here's some clear advice:

  • Take Monday and Tuesday totally off from exercise besides light walking or things like easy yoga.

  • Eat smart, reduce some calories, add some proteins, and follow Namrita Brooke's advice.

  • If you can, reduce life stress in general. Don't use the extra time for major projects and stress builders.

  • Make the RIGHT decision on Wednesday for your body, not your ego. If you're tired, just spin very lightly for 30 minutes.

  • Get back to the aerobic endurance ride on Thursday (we do have a morning group ride, but no evening ride due to the holidays). No need to double this ride.

  • Get ready for your test on Saturday. Stay fresh and ready to roll. Watch your Form.

THE NEXT CYCLE IS COMING. Look ahead at the next four weeks; things are going to get harder. This might help motivate you to rest.

Enjoy the process!

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