The metric century: you have the chance to try!

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To anyone who has not signed up for this weekend's metric century challenge, let me tell you a story.

It was the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. It had taken 23 years from the dream to the team. I was riding well in the race and feeling good. Then, in the final 10km on the Great Wall lap, in the midst of the most epic rainstorm, I had a mechanical that stopped me in my tracks. Standing on the side of the road, I watched the water gushing down the road, taking my dream with it.

I never had the chance to see if I could medal. The timing of the mechanical ended my race. I still finished, but I was so disappointed. I would never know what could have been. And in my opinion, never having the chance to try was worse than trying and failing.

This is challenge week in BaseCamp. The idea is to try to do something hard. We've set up a fun indoor metric century for the weekend. This will be a huge challenge to many, but it doesn't matter if you can't finish it. It's more important to try! There's so much to learn and grow. Get out there and TRY!!!! Believe me, next week, when we talk about what we learned and who did what, you will be thankful that you had the chance to TRY to see what you could do!

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