Training Tip: Why Tempo?

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Riding at Tempo doesn’t seem hard to start, but can you do it for 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes? How does your heart rate respond over this time period?

Training in your Tempo zone during this phase of the progression isn't about building power; it is about build capacity and duration/time in zone. As we progress in our program, the length of Tempo intervals will increase, and recovery intervals will decrease. As your aerobic fitness improves, you'll be able to sustain more and time in Tempo, with less and less cardiac drift.

The more aerobically fit you become, the more tempo you can do!

Most races aren’t won or lost because we can’t make the power required, but because we can’t sustain the power over the required duration. Training in Tempo trains your aerobic system to become more efficient and able to handle longer, sustained efforts.

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