What to do with a bad day

As athletes, one of the best skills you can develop is the ability to FORGET. Believe me, I have had my fair share of bad days over 20+ years of competing. And I 100% agree that bad days are not fun. However, the reality is they are unavoidable. They are an occasional part of the training process.

When I have them, I do my best to learn, grow, FORGET, and move on. It's my decision to be willing to forget, and the quicker I do, the better. I also remind myself it was only one day. It does not define me, nor does it make or break my training. And honestly, there is often something really positive that comes out of it.

So... today...

If you had a great day and made it over the hedge, be excited but remember there is more work to do!!

If you had a terrible day and slammed into the hedge, your job is to learn (if there was something that can be learned) and then forget it. GET BACK UP and go get it tomorrow. Remember the progress and the good work you have done. Forget your one bad day. Shift your focus to the next training day and get after it again!

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