Workout Analysis: Tempo Hour of Power

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Tuesday’s Tempo workout was an introduction to more intensive aerobic work…where we begin to beef up some of the workouts to develop the longer-term aerobic fitness we need and want for our event(s) or whatever it is we are training for. These more intensive aerobic workouts, like Tempo, do come at a slightly higher cost of building fatigue, but as we know, we need fatigue to build gradually in order to progress. Tempo is a great place to spend some extended time without breaking the build with too much fatigue in the legs. But it also means a bit better recovery will be needed.

Tempo target is around 76-88% of FTP. If you did the Zwift workout at 100% bias, your target would have been around 84% of FTP. Some folks are still waking up after rest week and want to take the next cycle with some caution in this first week so that they have more control over the coming weeks as the workouts continue to build.

What does Tempo do for us? It helps the development of our physiological foundation, i.e., the cardiovascular and respiratory systems (why we focused so much on breathing in Tuesday's workout!) so they can meet the greater demands we'll put on them later. It also trains our muscle function, especially at the lower cadence, working resistance and strength.

What do the higher bouts into FTP/high cadence do for us? To quote Amber, they “dose in a bit of lactate for us to clear at load (aka at Tempo power and not soft pedaling).”

With that background, let’s take a look at two athletes today. They can self-identify if they would like; I haven’t directly told them I was going to use them! Haha…surprise!

First, both athletes did a great job on this workout. Second, all my comments and analysis are in the text boxes in each picture below.

NOTE: Help your coach help you by filling in your ride metrics!!! 😁 And help yourself later on when you look back and try to determine what was happening at this point in time. Seriously, it's sooo helpful to fill out those ride metrics. This becomes almost like a historical document. Good notes will help solve mysteries of your training.

Athlete 1 gave us a smiley face, but she could also give us an RPE number to go with that to help determine how she FELT during the workout. Athlete 2 keeps us guessing. 😉

Athlete 1 gave us a workout note about upping the bias...that was really helpful. Athlete 2 still keeps us guessing.

Strong work, both athletes!

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