Workout Review: Grayson Lloyd's Endurance with Low Cadence Tempo Intervals

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Good things happen to those who rest! Let's take a look at Grayson's workout:

  1. Grayson still has some fatigue in the system, as you can see, but I think this is really about his low starting CTL and not having workouts in TrainingPeaks before BaseCamp. I know he felt great and strong, so he's ready to go back to work.

  2. How do I know? Well, it was talked about in the group workout (yes, I cheated 🙂), but also, look at his power summary. Just in this simple Tempo workout, he had his third best hour ever, and look at his power trend going up throughout the workout. He is ready to roll! Nice work.

  3. Look at the numbers and trends. He had a great average power for the effort in relationship to his FTP, and as you can see in the workout, he nailed it! Power was strong (he increased his bias toward the end a fair amount; I bet he was feeling really good), and he hit the cadence efforts.

  4. I see one area of improvement. We can see his cadence dropped/was low in the early endurance segment. I encouraged people to just let their body feel the power, then look at what the number was; his was low. He needed to refocus and get his cadence back up after the big gear intervals (which he did).

Nice work, Grayson!

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