Workout Review: Ise Ruetz's Max Aerobic Intervals

This workout review was provided by Coach Serena Gordon in the Facebook group.

Tuesday’s workout was the first time we dove into efforts above FTP; the focus of this workout was to produce power using high cadence, thus focusing on our cardiovascular system. (Reminder: Power is how fast you pedal x how hard you pedal.)

Often we start out too hard, lose sight of the "why" behind the workout, chase bigger power, and either fade or fail toward the end of the workout. There are times when doing max power work is the "why," but not today! Today’s workout was max aerobic work, with the goal of repeating all four efforts at the prescribed cadence targets.

4 x 3 minutes at 108% of FTP and 100 rpm is a bit daunting, and we suggested starting out at 98% bias to get a feel for the effort, then gradually move the power up by 1% each interval if you were hitting both the cadence and power target.

Let’s take a look at Ise’s file from today. She started off conservatively, reducing her bias to ensure she could hit the cadence targets.

Intervals 1, 2, and 3 are consistent, and she's nailing her cadence targets. Heart rate is recovering between each effort, and she is riding "in control" during each interval.

At the start of Interval 4, Ise increased her bias to 100%, increasing her power while maintaining her cadence target. She started out at a cadence of 106 and settled into ~99 rpm.

Ise did a great job of executing a workout that looked scary and finishing strong.

One takeaway for next time: Ise could have increase her power target for the third interval and again for the fourth while maintaining her cadence and power. Remember, we are stronger than we think we are!

Great work to everyone! That wasn’t an easy workout, and it's amazing how the power of the group encourages us all to get the most out of ourselves. Thank you for being here!

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