Workout Review: Laura's Sweet Spot with Standing Surges

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Nice work, Laura! You nailed this.

In the screenshot above, you can see the slight difference in the online group workout vs. TrainingPeaks' edition. I do this when I know the coaches are in the workout to give advice. For example, note the recovery power is higher in the group workout than the TrainingPeaks workout; well, in the group, our coaching team gave advice to turn down the bias to 90% in recovery if needed (more than matching the TrainingPeaks workout). In the online workout we had ten minutes of free riding where ERG mode shut off and there was no guidance; we told everyone to ride by feel.

BAM! Laura got better and better at the standing drills! Awesome work. Note how her standing cadence went up each time and got pretty fast by the end! Nice work!

Solid heart rate recovery from the surges! The standing surges can really spike heart rate (which they did), but Laura recovered in 60-75 seconds, which is good, though there is still some room for improvement.

Great work!!!

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