Workout Review: Lev's Fatigue Resistance Tempo

This workout review was provided by Coach Tim Cusick in the Facebook group.

Great work, Lev! You nailed this workout. Let's take a quick look at some key points.

Great early progression. Your heart rate was steady, and this was pretty easy at first, but you stayed with the plan and the progression. I can see your power and heart rate rising nice and smoothly for the effort.

In the first part of the Tempo, again you nailed it. Your heart rate comes up slowly but correctly, showing you have some solid fitness and handled this workout well.

It looks like you were feeling strong and used the FTP bias to turn it up to about 105% (I'm eyeballing) to add some strain. Super smart adjustment!

Let's look a little deeper. I received a fair amount of questions about why the cadence was high in the short little "rest" breaks. The answer is in the image above. Notice how Lev's power dropped in the rests, but his heart rate did not? As we get used to riding Tempo pace, we can use these short "rests" for some muscular recovery while maintaining cardiovascular strain on the system, targeting the specific response we're looking for here (this early in season, it's more about cardio).

Let's talk Training Stress Score (TSS). This was a solid workout for Lev, and the 123 TSS was the same effort as 1.25 40k time trials at full effort. Nice work!

So why fatigue resistance? In training, there is a ton of focus on improving power or speed outputs. This leads us to to think the only way to improve is...more power or speed. In reality, there are other ways to improve. So think about this, let's say you and four other friends start up a long climb and stay together for the first ten minutes, but you start to drop off after that. What is the cause? Is it just that you need more power? Well, you had the power for ten minutes; what happened? Were you fatiguing faster than your friends? Hmmmmm....

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