Workout Review: Seated Power Surges

This workout review was provided by Coach Jim Pomeroy in the Facebook group.

Coach Serena told us yesterday that this is an aerobic endurance ride, but with some fun built in. The instructions were to spin up quickly to hit the power target, forcing our muscles to contract quickly but not forcibly raising heart rate. Did your heart rate recover after the seated surges? What was your average heart rate for the last 10 minutes of the aerobic block vs the first 10 mins?

This athlete followed the workout as planned and nailed it:

  • Cadence during each interval hovered right around the target, and it looks like the athlete found their rhythm by the third interval. For the next three, it looks as though they stood up one or two times as I suggested. I personally use the standing to engage other muscles and return blood flow to others.

  • Looking at part one, the athlete's cadence is a straight line, which shows they nailed all the targets. It’s hard to see, but even on the surges, they met or exceeded the target. (To verify this, you can check “Laps” in your Training Peaks account.)

  • Now let’s look at heart rate and cardiac drift. Looking at part two, again we see a straight line. This athlete seemed very comfortable with the output/workload. Once again, there was a very stable heart rate by the third interval, hovering within a few bpm. During intervals four to six, where they got out of the saddle, it does fluctuate more due to different muscle recruitment, but by the seventh it's back within the previous norm. The two green boxes in the image above are each approximately ten minutes; this athlete’s average heart rate only went up by two bpm.

Overall an excellent workout with little to NO cardiac drift. Well done!

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