Workout Review: Sweet Spot with FTP Surges

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This is an awesome example of someone who made a wise decision to manage the workout and finish it strong. Remember, one of our goals this cycle is accumulating time in zone.

Let’s look at the power in the first interval. I encouraged people to start the workout with bias adjusted down to 95% for the first few minutes to get a read on their body and then up it through the first interval if it was okay. Andrea chose to keep hers steady through interval 1. That was fine. Then at the start of interval 2, I challenged people to up the bias to 100% of target if they had kept it low for the first interval. I can see Andrea started interval #2 at 100% of target power, dropped it down a little, and eventually settled back to where she was in interval 1. This was a great job of pushing herself in the workout while still being able to complete it in the goal range.

How do I know? Cadence and heart rate.

Watch her cadence and heart rate. In interval 1, you can see she had no issues with leg speed and generating power with the higher cadence. She was spinning along nicely, both with the power and the surges. Her heart rate was peaking up and then recovering well.

Now look at Interval 2: She started this with bias at 100% of target. Cadence stayed (relatively) high through recovery and into the interval. However, I know she was feeling things too much here, because she used her bias to drop a percentage point or two. Good decision. This kept her in the game to finish the second effort well and put this work in the bank.

Now, keep watching her cadence. You can see that she spun the first surge well, but then it got lower and lower, and the surges became more survival than actually trying to make the power with the leg speed. That was an excellent decision. Why? The power goal and accumulating time in zone was this workout's focus. She helped herself nail the power targets by modulating her cadence.

Now back to her heart rate – she cleared lactate okay on the first one, but then the struggle was on!!!! Her heart rate started to drift up, and then after the third surge it only gradually went back down before the last surge. She was pretty loaded during that last quarter. I’m sure she was feeling every pedal stroke there.

GREAT WORK, ANDREA, and great focus to stay with the workout and get it done.

GREAT 3 DAYS TO ALL BASECAMPERS!!!! Take your recovery serious today and tomorrow…Saturday is a-coming!

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