Workout Review: Tracy's Seated Power Surges

This workout review was provided by Coach Serena Gordon in the Facebook group.

Thursday night we did a BaseCamp Zwift meetup, a group workout that keeps everyone together. We had a small group, so keeping together is a little more difficult (think riding in a group of 50 vs. a group of 6 -- the draft on Zwift is real).

Jim and Tim have also reviewed this workout, so instead of diving into the cadence portion of the workout, let’s look at Tracy's file and try to answer the question: Does FTP need to be notched up?

Tracy's comment from the ride was that it felt too easy. During the workout, Tracy continually increased the bias until it hit 110% (the max adjustment in game).

In the first couple intervals, we see very inconsistent cadence and power production. This is because the stay-together function in Zwift isn’t perfect, and it took a bit for everyone to settle in and not be separated by a second or two. By interval number three, Tracy had settled in and was now holding steady power.

Tracy’s set aerobic heart rate zone is 125-135. Her heart rate during the aerobic intervals was closer to 115 bpm.

It's important to remember that heart rate is affected by many external variables, which is why looking at trends over time and anecdotal notes is really important. Tracy wrote that she felt this workout was too easy, and her heart rate confirmed this. Aerobic endurance shouldn’t feel hard, but we do want to be sure we're training in the correct zone and providing the body the intended stimulus.

Tracy, I would advise that you notch your FTP up 2-5% in both Zwift and TrainingPeaks, then watch how your heart rate responds and how you feel.

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