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Do you have weekend restrictions on training, unusual work hours, regular group rides, or vacation plans that will disrupt your training progression? Hire one of your BaseCamp coaches to customize your BaseCamp training program to help you stay on track for a great winter foundation build!


How it works:

  • Purchase this customization package

  • Complete our customization survey

  • Coach Kathy will assign a BaseCamp coach to customize your training

  • You'll meet with the coach to get details and formulate a strategy for altering plan (about 30 minutes)

  • The coach will customize your BaseCamp workouts

  • You'll do a 10-minute call/meeting with the coach to review your revised training program


This package does not include ongoing plan edits, but you are free to purchase additional consulting time with the coach at $100 per hour.

BaseCamp Plan Customization

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